Kelly Giles: Born Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, 1963. Writer, and publisher. Kelly was educated at Trinity Western University in Canada and at Pepperdine University School of Law. Several of Kelly’s poems can be found on his Facebook page, and he has published numerous Six Word Memoirs on Smith Magazine’s website.

He was first published in the Times Colonist newspaper in Victoria, British Columbia while in the 3rd grade, when he wrote a letter to the editor about how integration was a wonderful thing, because you could learn so much from other cultures (despite having only one non-white classmate at the time).

His lifelong love of writing continued with such short stories as “Kentucky Fried Humans”, and was enhanced by both his high school careers and English instructors having him keep a journal for each class. His love of writing was so great that his English professor at Trinity begged him to change his major to English, but instead he spent four years getting a degree in business, only to finally figure out he didn’t have a business bone in his body.

Knowing only that he wanted to help others, he then got a law degree from Pepperdine and has been an immigration lawyer ever since. Since no one would believe him when he told them he was a starving lawyer, he has now decided to become a starving writer, with his debut poetry collection entitled “Swimming in a Thunderstorm”.