Swimming in a Thunderstorm

This site serves as an introduction to Kelly Giles, a contemporary Scots-Irish-Canadian/American poet and memoirist, will soon be publishing his debut memoir “Killing Justice”. It includes a brief biography, and selected poems from his debut poetry collection “Swimming in a Thunderstorm”.

Kelly is best known for his enigmatic and evocative poems on nature and grace, his meditations on life in a post-traumatic world, and his visionary spiritual and philosophical poems. His work has been described as intense, crafted, mysterious poetry that “stuns the reader by its emotional depth coupled with imaginative twists”.

His is demanding poetry, dealing with challenging themes expressed in highly charged language and an enigmatic style, but it rewards the reader with a haunting and powerful record of experience, especially post-traumatic experience, fully, brilliantly, and passionately lived.

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“I have no idea why, but it seemed so beautiful and familiar. I had to like it!”


“I never thought a poem so powerful could be written so simply!”


For information, contact kellyab3@gmail.com.

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